“Tonya Leigh is a dedicated professional of the arts. She currently works full time a creative manager and frequently free-lances as a photographer. She earned a BFA in Advertising and Art Direction from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Masters of Professional Studies from Pratt Institute in Design Management. She has continued her study of photography at various institutions and workshops in New York. Tonya exhibits her photography work often and is a member of several photography and arts related organizations.

The Amsterdam News “Charles Carrington (Musician)” Children’s Aide Society
Children’s Art Carnival “Redeemed Outreach Ministries” November Coalition
Vernon Heights Daycare “Jenesaisquoi” NY Biz Net

Richmond Arts Magazine “Dancer”1993
Art News “Dancer” 1995
Art News “Couple Series” 1996
African Voices “Little Girl/Flower” 1996
“NYC schools kids with maps 1999
Foreign Policy Association-Annual Report 2002, 2006, 2009, 2011
Charles Carrington (cd cover) “All to God’s Glory” 2004
Amsterdam News “Fighting for Reform” 2004 (cover story)
Amsterdam News Various local event coverage Feb.-April 2005
Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour Promotional Map/Invite 2005
Unity Magazine-Feature Artists “Telling Our Story” Feb. 2006

Westside Arts Coalition Black History Show 1995-1997
Westside Arts Coalition Group Photography Show 1995-1998
IAM “State Office Bldg. Women’s History Show 1997
IAM “State Office Bldg. Group Art Show 1998
Duke Ellington 100th Birthday Group Art Show 1999
Walter Reed Gallery-Lincoln Center
JVC Jazz Festival Art Exhibition Group Art Show 2001-2006
Pen & Brush Women of Color 2005
Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour Group Art Show 2005
Arts on Third Mt. Vernon Annual Street Art Festival 2006-2007
IAM-Annual Group Art Show 2007
UnderEXPOSED Black Women Photographers in America (Curator) 2007-2009

Professional Photographers in America • American Society of Picture Professionals •Harlem Arts Alliance • The Cultural Collective • Incorporation of Artist on the Move (IAM)